Ab Roller

Ab Roller

See instant results with our at - home ab roller ...

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See instant results with our at - home ab roller 

Whether you carry some stubborn weight around your middle area that you can’t seem to shift or simply want to train your ab muscles, our Ab Wheel can work wonders for you. Our ab roller comes with two wheels with an attached handle, perfect for using at home, and do various ab exercises while you’re watching the TV. Our ab roller doesn’t just work your stomach muscles either, it will effectively train your arms and back as well, giving your whole upper body a more toned look. 

 Main features 

  • The set includes: 1 ab wheel, 1 foam mat
  • Black environmentally friendly ABS / EVA wheels 
  • Stainless steel bar with non-slip foam handles
  • Weight: 400g 
  • Suitable for ages 16+ 


  • Weight loss and body sculpting 
  • Effective trainer for abdominal crunches 
  • Suitable for use at home or the gym 
  • Strengthens upper limbs 
  • Exercises the abdominal muscles 
  • Exercises the biceps 
  • Grows back muscle

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