Yoga Roller

Yoga Roller

Treat aches and pains after workouts with our yoga roller. Yoga rollers are...

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Treat aches and pains after workouts with our yoga roller.

Yoga rollers are the professional sportsperson’s secret weapon, reducing aches and pains after workouts and increasing blood and oxygen flow to cells so you can give your best performance. Our Yoga Roller was designed with yoga in mind but will also work well after other exercise. It can be used during yoga classes to assist with difficult postures and also to support you in backbends and forward folds. A roller massage can reduce the recovery time after workouts by releasing muscle tightness and can also help if you have a job where you sit for long periods of time. A few simple exercise at home can deliver results so effective that you won’t believe it.

Main features  
  • The set includes: 1 x foam roller 
  • Black, blue and purple EVA and PVC 
  • Length: 33cm / Width: 13cm / Outer service: 2cm 
  • Weight: 850g 
  • Hollow design 
  • 150kg compression resistance 
  • Super durable and won’t be deformed 
  • 360 degree non-slip pattern 
  • Wash with a damp cloth and wipe dry 
  • Modelled on the hand texture design bringing a deeper massage experience 
  • Relieves muscle aches after exercise 
  • Can assist in yoga postures 
  • Stimulates nerves 
  • Suitable for lots of sports 
  • Relieves SOUR (sedentary office muscle stiffness and sourness) 
  • Reduces pain including constant sitting and long term muscle strain 
  • Helps reduce physical and mental fatigue